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Q. What dates are Open Enrollment?

A.  Monday, March 13, 2023 - Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Q.  I'm happy with my benefits as they are this year, do I need to do anything?

A.  No. NKCS is offering a Passive enrollment for 2023-24 benefits, which means all benefits will roll over EXCEPT FSA      and HSA Employee Contributions.  Premiums will be updated to reflect 2023-24 rates.

Q.  I had an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or made personal contributions to my HSA (Health Savings Account) in               2022-23.  I would like to continue my Medical and/or Dependent Care FSA or HSA for 2023-24.  Will it automatically           roll over?

A. NO. The IRS requires annal elections of FSA contrbutions and Employee HSA contributions.

Employer HSA contributions will continue if you qualified in 2022-23

Q.  I want to make changes to my benefits or elect an FSA or HSA.  How do I do that?

A. Enrollment Options

Q. What kind of changes may I make to my benefits?

A.  Benefit changes may include:

  • Increase/decrease coverages.

  • Add/drop coverages.

  • Add/drop dependents.

Q.  I am retiring or not returning to employment for 2023-2024. Does Open Enrollment apply to me?

A.  Yes.  Many positions (but not all) will have benefits that continue through 8/31 if the employee completes the school      year employment calendar.  Therefore, the employee will have benefits during July and August in the new 2023-24            benefit year.

Q.  I'm not sure if I want to make changes to my benefits. I need more information.

A.  Please plan to attend any of the Benefit Informational Meetings during the week of March 6th.

Q. Are there changes to the medical plans for 2023-24?

A. Yes.  There are plan design changes to each of the three medical plans.  You can find those changes here.

Q.  What are the costs for medical, dental and vision for 2023-24?

A.  2023-24 Monthly Benefit Costs

Q.  I would like to compare the medical plans side by side.  Is this possible?

A.  2023-24 Medical Benefit Plan Comparisons and Costs

      B1 SBC (Summary of Benefits and Coverage)

      B2 SBC

      B3 SBC

Q.  Who is the new Dental Carrier and where can I find information about them?

A.  Ameritas Dental

Q.  Is there one document or one location that will tell me about all benefits offered by NKCS?

A.  This Benefits website

      Annual Benefits Guide

Q.  Are there any changes to NKCS Voluntary Benefits?

A.  No.  All Voluntary Benefits remain the same.


      Voluntary Benefits

Q.  Can I make changes to my benefits during the Plan Year? (July 1 - June 30)?

A.   Changes for pre-tax deductions/contributions (medical, dental, vision, FSA) may only be made during Open Enrollment unless you experience a Qualifying Life Event.  Qualifying Life Event examples may include marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death of a spouse or dependent, or change in spouse or dependent employment.  Notification of change must be made with the NKCS Benefits Coordinator within 30 days of the Qualifying Life Event.  Information may be found on page 3 of the Annual Benefits Guide.

Q.  I am a current retiree.  Is my Open Enrollment the same time as active employees?

A.  No. Retirees will receive separate information from The Taben Group in April.

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